Products and Services

We offer a range of products and services that may be of interest to your organization.


Vamhi Kali

Vamhi Kali offers a sleek and stylish dark skin for Jira software, bringing sophistication and elegance to the user experience. Perfect for those who prefer a darker aesthetic or work in low-light environments, Kali enhances usability while maintaining visual appeal.

Vamhi Labele

Vamhi Labele is a versatile Jira plugin designed to streamline label management within projects. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly color-code labels and perform label-related operations with ease. Simplify project organization and enhance productivity with Vamhi Labele.

Vamhi Easy Attachment Confluence

Easy Attachment is a powerful Confluence plugin that simplifies attachment management. Enforce file size and type restrictions during uploads, ensuring content integrity and security. With the convenience of base64 encoding, Easy Attachment enhances the efficiency of attachment management in Confluence.

Vamhi Jira+

Vamhi Jira+ is an essential plugin for subscription management within Jira. Empower administrators to oversee and control user enrollments with features like restriction of large group enrollments and real-time monitoring of subscriptions. Streamline subscription management for enhanced efficiency and organization in your Jira environment.

Additional Services

Atlassian Product Customization (Add-Ons)

We specialize in providing comprehensive customization services tailored to meet your unique requirements, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Our primary goal is to simplify and enhance our customers' experiences while ensuring affordability. We prioritize delivering exceptional value without burdening your budget, aiming to provide a seamless and efficient solution that surpasses expectations. For any queries, please contact us via our designated "Contact Us" page.

Atlassian Licensing

As an Atlassian reseller, we offer competitively priced Atlassian licenses for your convenience. We provide budget-friendly options for acquiring, renewing, consolidating, and upgrading Atlassian licenses, ensuring that you secure the optimal package to enhance the value of your Atlassian investment. For further information or to inquire about purchasing, please contact us via our designated "Contact Us" page.

Atlassian Services

Migrate your Jira software, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Jira Service Management with confidence. Test Triangle offers certified Atlassian consultants who ensure seamless transitions to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center, making your migration journey as effective as possible.

Atlassian Implementation

We deliver exceptional Atlassian implementation services, empowering technical teams to unlock the complete capabilities of Atlassian tools. Our team comprises certified Atlassian consultants strategically located across India, Ireland, the UK, and the U.S. We guarantee a smooth migration experience for your organization, whether it involves Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, or Jira Service Management, transitioning seamlessly from server to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center.