Vamhi Labele

Colored labels for Jira


Vamhi Labele is a versatile Jira plugin designed to enhance label management within projects. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly color-code labels, facilitating easy identification. Gone are the days of tedious label management tasks - Vamhi Labele empowers users to merge, delete, and edit label names seamlessly with just a click of a button. Simplify your project organization and streamline label-related operations with Vamhi Labele.

Vamhi Labele Plugin for UI Customization : Enhancing Project Management Efficiencies

In the dynamic realm of project management, staying organized is paramount. Imagine a scenario where you could seamlessly categorize your tasks and projects with colorful labels, each representing a unique facet of your workflow. Now, picture having the ability to customize these labels effortlessly, adapting them to the evolving needs of your projects.

Intuitive Project Settings Screen

The Label Plugin goes beyond basic labeling functionalities, offering a comprehensive suite of tools accessible through its intuitive project settings screen. Here's a glimpse into some of the key features:

Key Features

Migrate Labels

Transitioning between labels shouldn't entail painstakingly recreating labels from scratch. Our plugin simplifies the process with a seamless label migration feature. Effortlessly transfer labels between issues, ensuring continuity and consistency across your workflow.

Rename Labels

As projects evolve, so too may the terminology and nomenclature associated with them. With the Label Plugin, renaming labels is a breeze. Simply navigate to the project settings screen, edit labels on-the-fly, and watch as your workspace adapts to reflect the changes seamlessly.

Delete Labels

Not all labels stand the test of time. When redundant or obsolete, it's essential to declutter your workspace by removing unnecessary labels. Our plugin facilitates this process, allowing users to delete labels effortlessly and maintain a clutter-free environment conducive to productivity.

Refresh Labels Issue Count

Populates all the labels in table which are not present in project and clears all the labels which are no longer present.


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