How to disable 'theme enable' dialog for everyone

In current scenario, we will be disabling the 'theme enable' for the everyone. Similarly, we can use the same technique to enable the 'theme enable' dialog.


Theme enable dialog

Step 1 : Open manage apps

Open 'Vamhi Kali : User Settings' by going to 

Administration > Manage Apps

Step 2 : Open 'Vamhi Kali : Settings'

Click on 'Vamhi Kali : Settings' form the sub menu

Step 3 : Enable/disable feature

To enable/disable the dark theme property by checking/unchecking the checking box.

Step 4 : Save & Refresh

Click on Save button.

After you see confirmation message, hard reload your browser by cleaning your local cache

(Tip : Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + R to hard reload chrome browser)

Step 5 : Have a beer!

You're all set! This disables the 'theme enable' dialog for everyone using Jira.